Charlotte is 8! {Personal}

June 11, 2020  •  1 Comment

This week, our family is celebrating our oldest daughter's EIGHTH birthday!  This nature-loving girl brings energy, curiosity, and sensitivity to our family.  We are proud of who she is and are so grateful to have her in our lives.  I also can't believe how much she has grown up in the last year!  

Here are some of her birthday portraits, about which she had a lot of input.  The time and place were her choice, and they were so fitting – spontaneous, up at dawn, outside in the dewy fields before we'd even had breakfast.  I have been trying to keep up with this early bird for eight years!  

She is a bright light in our lives!  Happy birthday, Sweet Charlotte!




Rosa Lee Gay(non-registered)
Oh,, Melinda, your camera caught every emotion in Charlotte’s young life. So sweet, pensive, amusing, loving, and her love of life. Priceless.
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