Luke is 3! {Personal}

December 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Our little guy turns 3 today!  What a funny, intelligent, curious, determined little guy he is!  Over the past year, Luke has grown and learned so much, including learning to dress himself and nearly potty training himself.  He is sweet and affectionate and a very engaging member of our family.  He loves to sing and chatter and give his opinion about pretty much everything, often still in his own truncated language which we call "Doo".  Luke loves the library, reading new books, imitating his daddy, making collages, moving furniture, shredding things, buying milk at the grocery store, wearing his clothes backwards (or not at all), and anything to do with endlessly running water.  

He is determined to be as grown-up as possible, often independently attempting projects and chores that are well beyond his ability, and often well beyond his safety and/or our sanity.  (He is very good at being a toddler and keeps us on our toes!)  As you can probably see on his face, he can be impish when he does these things, gaining him the affectionate nicknames at home of "Luke the Destroyer" and "Dennis the Menace".  However, his cuteness and good nature always win out.  In addition to all of this, he is so adorably excited about our new baby on the way and desperately wants to be involved with the preparations.  I know he will make a very devoted big brother.

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful kid in our lives, and it will be a joy to watch him light up today as we celebrate his birthday!



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