Luke Is 2! {Personal}

December 02, 2017  •  1 Comment

Our sweet son Luke turns two today!  Although he's still just a little guy, he has such a big personality and fills such a big place in our hearts - intensely affectionate, curious, physical, independent, opinionated...  Luke has always had a terrific sense of humor; he loves to be part of a joke and tries out his own silly ideas to make us laugh.  This little guy is nearly always hungry, often even "hangry."  He loves putting on his boots and going outside to play.  He loves animals, especially those that ROOOAR!, and vehicles, especially Daddy's tractor.  He is friendly and perceptive, motivated and persistent.

I took Luke out to the woods near our neighborhood earlier this week to capture a few birthday portraits.  Photo sessions with toddlers are predictably unpredictable, and I was braced for a challenging session and a lot of sweat and maybe even a few tears.  However, I was truly blown away at how easy Luke made it and how much fun he and I had together taking pictures and playing with his Moondoggie.  Our one-on-one session turned out to be great quality time that reminded me how amazing this kid is and how much I enjoy him.  Conversing with him in his toddler dialect, observing his funny little quirks, watching his mind work...  Seriously, I was a melted puddle of sappy Mommy feelings by the end of our session, and practically bursting while editing these photos.  I just can't stop looking at his SWEET LITTLE FACE. 

We are so grateful to have Luke in our lives and thankful for an opportunity to celebrate his birthday today!  :D



Rosa Lee Gay(non-registered)
What a treat this Sunday morning. You are a true professional to be able to bring out all the love, joy, impishness in Luke. You are truly blessed to have this little guy in your lives. Happy birthday, young man! I love you all. Thank you for sharing!
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