Little Luke is Turning 1! {Personal}

December 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Today is my son Luke's first birthday!  How has this year flown by so fast?! 

This incredible little guy joined our family a year ago, and we are celebrating his first birthday together TODAY!  Maybe it was the lost sleep, or maybe it was having more than one child to care for, but I don't know where the time went.  Just recently I looked at Luke as he was playing in our living room, and it washed over me that he is very nearly done with his baby days.  He is so close to toddler-hood, so close to walking and speaking and no more bottles.  Bittersweet!!

It only took a few weeks for us to start describing Luke as "jolly".  It is such a great description of his smiley, eager, good-natured personality.  His affection, his playfulness, his curiosity, his enjoyment of a good joke...  Luke has brought us so much joy this year.  Although the stories in the news throughout 2016 have often been pretty heavy, inside our house we've shared so many smiles and such delight watching Luke learn and grow.  His cheeky grin melts us every single time!  I am so thankful for this wonderful little boy.

Anyway, here are some birthday portraits of my jolly little guy who has stolen our hearts over the past year.  :)




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